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Fitting Out

Buying a new boat, or a pre-loved gem is one thing, but ‘fitting it out” and making it perform and work right up to your expectations is another. As delivered, most new boats need a considerable amount of work to make them truly ‘ship shape’. In this section, contributors from different parts of Australia, with a wide range of craft, share their experience and knowledge about the ‘hows and whys’ of fitting out a boat to ensure it delivers the performance, comfort, safety and fishing ability needed in a modern BMT package.
In particular, check out Mike Levy’s excellent report about sorting out his Quintrex 485, and /or Neil Dunstans’ widely acclaimed report all about setting up his 455 Quintrex Dory.


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Title Description Author Pages  
Andy Meyers' Leviathan (Platey) Fit Out

Andy Myers has done hundreds of hours in his Brisbane built, 8.0m plate fisherman, and he's developed a whole bunch of really good ideas about just about everything - fishing, the boat, living aboard issues (etc!) all of which combines to make his bo And Myers 6
AUD $5.00
Another Man's Boat

Quintrex 485 Fishseeker Fitting out a current Quinnie so as to provide a safe, seaworthy fishing platform Mike Levy 9
AUD $5.00
Bob Rowe's Excellent Tinny Fit-Out

Easily one of the best, and most thoughtful tinny fit-outs we've ever seen - and pay particular attention to Bob's underfloor storage - it's seriously clever. And the excellent application of the Air-O-Floats. Bob Rowe 8
AUD $5.00
Dual Batteries for Small Craft

Setting up dual batteries in small craft - tinnies. Mike Levy 4
AUD $5.00
Fuel Tank Installation

Technical report by Ruth Cunningham and her partner Gordon Richmond on taking out an old fuel tub system and replacing it with a new stainless steel underfloor tank. Peter Webster & Ruth Cunningham 6
AUD $5.00
My Haines Signature 630F

Well known Gippsland fisherman and popular newsagent Trevor Stow looks back over 8 years of experience with his Signature 630F fishing many areas along the south eastern seaboard. Trevor Stow 5
My SeaJay 485 Console

Why and how Mark Thompson studied the market carefully - including all the top brands - and decided on the Sea Jay 485. He now shares the results of his experience with F&B and ABM readers Mark Thompson 3
My Stacer 430 Fit-Out

Brian Jeffries has been fishing for a long time in wide variety of craft, big and small. Now retired, he's settled on the Stacer 430 for his run to the flag, and has done a great job setting it up - and shares the hows and whys, with us. Brian Jeffries 6
Pat Jones' Remarkable Boat Collar

How to make the traditional Aussie tinny safer has occupied the minds of many fishermen and tinny owners, but Pat Jones from the Sunshine Coast didn't muck -around - he invented a 'collar of safety' that goes right around his tinny - Check PW / Pat Jones 7
AUD $5.00
Quintrex 455 Dory

Part 1. Qld regular reader, writer & boating pensioner "sorts out" his brand new Quintrex 455 Dory Neil Dunstan 6
AUD $5.00
Quintrex 455 Dory

Part 2 Neil continues his fitting out of the Quintrex 455 Dory Neil Dunstan 5
AUD $5.00
Retro-Installation of Trim Tabs

On a 580 Whittley Voyager Ruth Cunningham 5
AUD $5.00
Robbie's Tinny Fit-Out

If ever anyone needed proof - or the inspiration - to develop a comprehensive, and extremely practical offshore rig on a budget - you've got to give props to Robbie for an outstanding fit-out program. Read, mark, learn on just how effective a tinny c Robbie Newcombe 8
AUD $5.00
Shane Vaughan's Tinny Make-Over

The classic yarn - how to make a tinny work more efficiently as a fishing platform - and Shane has some very good ideas to share. Shane Vaughan 3
She's A Cougar

An old Cougar Cat upgrade. Details the upgrade of a Cougar Cat by Dr Don Gilchrist. Dr Don Gilchrist 9
AUD $5.00
The Artful Dodger

Bimini Cover. An unusual report that examines some of the fundamentals when it comes to bimini covers. Don Gilchrist 5
AUD $5.00
Wave Master Seat Shock Absorbers

Interesting product designed by an Aussie fitter & turner, and taken over by the giant Springfield company in the United States - and manufactured in China. PW 8
AUD $5.00
WaveMaster Seat Dampener

Arguably one of the better inventions of the decade, Doug and his wife Tony Paul’s seat-shock absorbing system is bringing great relief to boatowners with crook backs and hips. Peter Webster 8
AUD $5.00
Woolf Drum Winches

. Jeff Woolf / Peter Webster 5
AUD $5.00
Your Boat's Wiring - How Not To Stuff It Up

A realistic and descriptive article about wiring on boats Mike Levy 6
AUD $5.00
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