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ABM's Renovations & MakeOvers Bk 2.5

ABM's famous Boat Renovations & Makeovers Book 2 is now available online as a PDF download for permanent, 24/7 reference and/or printouts for just $14.95 rr, and $11.95 for current ABM Members.
Check the Previews (just click ‘View Contents’ under the cover picture ) for a full list of the features from this 156 page publication you’ll want to keep. The exceptional editorial line-up includes all your favourite DIY authors, including Tony Ravenscroft, (Yes, he’s here with his No 1 hit, “Building Your Own Ice Chest” and several other major DIY fibreglass reports) Neil Dunstan and Steve Jones, with special contributions from Tim Gilbertson, Darren Shiels and Ben Kincade.
There’s no lack of variety in the 18 feature articles, either – R&M Book 2 covers everything from patching up a very old GRP transom to the full details of how Neil Dunstan transformed his 40 year DeHavilland Trojan into a very comfortable 2014 fishing cruiser . .
Awesome 156 page book with proper easy to read magazine graphics to read on your computer, laptop, i-pad, android tablet or mini i-pad.
The PDF magazine may be saved to your device then read or printed without internet connection. Buy this book now and it will download immediately!

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Distribution: The whole book with proper magazine graphics downloads immediately to your computer as a 11mb PDF file.
Price: AUD$14.95
Price Members: AUD$11.95
Availability: The whole book downloads immediately as a PDF file which can be saved forever and easily printed.
Description: Awesome, 11mb, 156 Page book to read on your computer, tablet or i-pad. PDFs may be saved and printed.
Current Issue: ABM's Renovations & MakeOvers (Book 2.5) (available as PDF book only)

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