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At the core of all trailer boating, the ubiquitous boat trailer doesn’t get a lot of good press, does it? Well, Australian Boat Mag (ABM) (it was called "The Boat Mag", and before that "F&B") has certainly worked hard to bring the latest trailer rules and regulations to the forefront, and invested a great deal into the development and road trials of a series of aluminium trailers.
All the interesting Trailers & Towing columns and feature articles from F&B / TBM and now ABM, are filed in the T&T section, as we continue our work, examining the relevant issues such as single axle trailers vs. tandem, gal trailers vs, ally, the different types of brakes systems, best lubricants for wheel bearings, etc !
Lastly, to catch-up to 2015, keep in mind TT&R is an important monthly section of ABM, and further, for people just starting out in trailer boating, the 140 page publication "ABM's Trailers, Towing & Rooftopping" combines all the best features and technical reports in one $19.95 book available through the ABM website, to bring you right up to the state of play in trailer boating.


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Title Task Author Pages  
4 Best Things We Invented

PW looks at the four most significant developments in boat trailers in recent years. Peter Webster 3
AUD $5.00
Aluminium Trailers Need Pro Engineers

They look easier enough to DIY - but ally trailers need pro engineers to get the structure right. Peter Webster 2
AUD $5.00
Big N Bulky Issues

Considers the impact of size as distinct from weight as far as highway towing is concerned Peter Webster 3
AUD $5.00
Breaking Point

Raising concern about the 750kg brake point for small trailers and smaller SUVs Peter Webster 2
AUD $5.00
Bum Sag

Adjusting the height of your towball correctly Peter Webster 3
AUD $5.00
Dunk The Wheels?

Revisits the perennial issue of whether the trailer wheels should, or even need to be, dunked at all Peter Webster 4
AUD $5.00
Freeway Speeds Demand Quality Tyres

Ensure tyres are capable of handling speed on highways/freeways Peter Webster 2
AUD $5.00
Front Versus Rear Wheel Drive (2WD)

Discussion about the virtues of Front wheel drive versus rear wheel drive in 2-wheel drive. Peter Webster 4
AUD $5.00
More Thoughts on Skid Trailers

When to use a skid trailer or a multi roller trailer Peter Webster 2
AUD $5.00
Perishing Tyres

Reminder about the invisible curse of trailer tyres - they perish more quickly than you think. Peter Webster 1
AUD $5.00
Rhino Roof Topper Boat Loader

Full report on Rhino's excellent Roof Loader Peter Webster & Ruth Cunningham 5
AUD $5.00
Setting Up A Trailer

Major report about setting up a trailer - all sizes - properly for max safety and ease of use. Peter Webster 7
AUD $5.00
Single Versus Tandem Trailer Debate

When is a tandem trailer necessary? How much can a single axle handle? Peter Webster 2
AUD $5.00
Skidz to Safety

Popular in WA, Skidzz keep the stub axle off the road when a wheel or tyre let's go. Peter Webster 1
AUD $5.00
Tandems for Plate Boats

Studying the latest tandem trailer thinking for plate boats from Oceanic Trailers. Peter Webster 3
AUD $5.00
The Big Rigs Are Coming

Boats up to 4+ tonnes demand the axles, brakes and engineering are thought about very carefully. Peter Webster 3
AUD $5.00
Tie Downs

Why tie downs are so important to trailerboats, regardless of their size. Peter Webster 4
AUD $5.00
Trailer Brakes Q&A

Choosing the best brake system PW 3
AUD $5.00
Trailers-What The Dealer Forgot To Mention

Tips for buying a boat trailer, traps for the unwary - and know-how that works. Peter Webster 4
AUD $5.00
Winch Quality Matters

Looking at why a manual winch still has a vital role to play - even in drive-on retrieves. Peter Webster 2
AUD $5.00
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