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This is a section of the Library list where we have culled many of the articles and reports we’ve published over the years due to technology or legislative changes - witness the virtual disappearance of HF radio systems, the marked downgrading of the ubiquitous 27Mhz radio transceiver, not to mention the disappearance of many popular brands of depth sounders and fish finders. We’ve concentrated on retaining the communication articles of interest to today’s boat owners, dealing instead with today’s ‘smart’ phones, GPS-based EPIRBs, sat-phone systems, VHF, combo electronic units, etc.
Rest assured we haven’t forgotten our popular depth sounder/fish finder reports - and as the electronics world seems to be settling down after the various mergers and take-overs, we’ll be starting these again, asap.


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Brand / Model Function Type Description Pages  
Educational - Telstra Sat Phone

Satellite Phone Communication F&B tests the Telstra satellite phone. 6
AUD $5.00
Educational - Garmin 78sc

GPS Plotter Hand Held Arguably the best value genuine marine plotter on the market - and reviewed in depth in this special report. 4
AUD $5.00
Educational - .

Explaining what a fish finder image shows Electronics Series of excellent photographs by Andrew Hestelow working off the coast of Sydney from Browns back uo to Long Reef 8
AUD $5.00
Educational - Solar Panels

To provide an alternative to a noisy gen set and diesel fuel we didn't want to carry. MIxed This is one of the most sought after files we've ever had in the various editions of Plate Alloy Boats of Australia. It covers, in comprehensive detail, the exceptional performance of the solar panel system on Far-Away, the 8.2m long range cruiser. 6
Educational - VHF Radio Report

Australian Government Backs VHF Communication VHF Coverage -Is VHF the preferred choice of commumication? F&B 2001 Report 6
AUD $5.00
Educational - GPS Part 4

Being Practical With GPS GPS Are your expectations realistic? 6
AUD $5.00
Educational - GPS Part 3

How Accurate Is You GPS? GPS Get the facts about GPS accuracy. 6
AUD $5.00
Educational - GPS Part 2

Understanding Datum GPS What does Datum mean? 7
AUD $5.00
Educational - GPS Part 1

Systems & Technical Background GPS Technical background information on GPS 6
AUD $5.00
Educational - Universal

Conduit between the outboard and the electronics Electronic Excellent report from a few years back now (2015) which still stand up as a very analysis of how LAN works as an interface between outboards, instruments and NMEA connectivity. 5
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