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As the title suggests, this section of the SEA Library deals with articles of lifestyle, living and a general nature. An unusual section (in the context of a national boating magazine) but as you can read, understanding the ways of the irukandji jellyfish is certainly a life-matter, as will Dr David Hopley’s timely report on ciguatera. Or for that matter, how (and why) a Victorian family decided to pull stumps (and their two children!) out of school and moved from one end of Australia to the other, in the pursuit of a better lifestyle. Did the Sea Change work for them? And why does the name Pleysier make gamefisherman and brokers go weak at the knees? Read about this man’s remarkable career in this widely acclaimed, special F&B feature.


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Title Description Author Pages  
2013 America's Cup - And The Amazing Cats

No question this was easily the most spectacular Americas Cup we've seen in years, as these giant cats scorched around a very tight course like nothing the world has ever seen before. This is a remarkable coverage, and extraordinary pics. PW/AC Media 10
AUD $5.00
2013 SA Wooden Boat Festival

Who doesn't like a Wooden Boat Festival - and this one in Goolwa SA in 2013 was one of the best ever held in Australia. Superb pics here to by John Batty accompanying Di Ross' editorial. A great team doing something they both love. Di Ross & John Batty 12
AUD $5.00
2014 20m SA Police Boat

Powerful new Police Launch for the SA authorities "investigator 11" Di Ross & John Batty 7
AUD $5.00
2015 Noosacat Police Boat Contract

Noosa Cat are very proud of their latest Police Boat contract - to provide six NC 3000s to the NSW Water Police. PW 5
AUD $5.00
Airbag Shock-absorbers in Plate Hull

Fascinating development by the Spacecraft people in Lake Macquarie where they have created a true 'air suspension' for plate aluminium boats. It’s early days in the development, but it clearly works. Peter Webster 4
AUD $5.00
Australian Boatbuilders Plate Report

The National Marine Safety Committe (NMSC) is introducing two new plates to label boats with the boatbuilder's ID and other safety information Peter Webster 4
AUD $5.00

Sally Jones and husband Albert hire a BOAB at Port Stephens and decide it’s quite a good proposition Sally Jones 1
AUD $5.00
Ciguatera Poisoning

An in depth look at Ciguatera Poison. How to avoid bringing contaminated/poisoned fish fillets home to the family. David Hopley 3
AUD $5.00
David Pleysier - The Boat Builder

The history & life of David Pleysier. Peter Webster 16
AUD $5.00
Decade In Review

Fascinating look at the last decade 2000-2010 at the boats than made an impact and those that are best forgotten. Peter Webster 16
AUD $5.00
Down A Crazy River

Interesting review of a most unusual book dealing with the story of one of Australia’s first Top End licensed barra fisherwomen and an exceptionally interesting report on the life and times of the Top End scene in the 1980s.. Peter Webster 5
AUD $5.00
Family Sea Change-From Melbourne to North Qld

In 2001the Chazan family make a huge decision and move to North Quensland. Sonia & Simon Chazan 2
AUD $5.00
GBRMPA RAP Outcome May 2004

The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park now has new restrictions.In this special report David Hopley reviews what happened and what it means to fishermen. David Hopley 7
AUD $5.00
Goolwa Gift

Probably the most outstanding, in-depth report published in 2012 about this iconic area where the Murray River enters the sea in SA. Di Ross & John Batty 16
AUD $5.00
Grant's Guide To Fishes - A Review

It's not east to review an 880 page tome of this stature - this is the 12th Edition of a classic book that is considered the 'bible' by most fishos - and it's already sold over 115,000 copies. Let's cut to the fins - it's the PW 2
AUD $5.00
Jinkers of Port Germein

We’ve seen some strange gizmos developed in the boating world, but this launching methodology is as different as any we’ve seen, all the way from SA. Peter Webster 2
AUD $5.00
John Haines (Snr) Tribute

Hainsey - An Exceptional Australian. How to condense a lifetime of a great Australian into 6 pages - that's impossible. Instead, we've condensed it into a relevant report for today's readers. Peter Webster, Ruth Cunningham & Jeff Webster 6
AUD $5.00
Lessons From Managing NT Fish Resource

AFANT has shown that fishermen can be organised to help develop successful fish management schemes. Peter Webster 7
AUD $5.00
Malcolm Douglas Tribute

PWs tribute to the iconic and much loved adventurer Malcolm Douglas. Peter Webster 4
AUD $5.00
Of Cats & Compromise

Very interesting analysis of the role of powered cats in today’s boating world by very experienced owner Don Gilgrist. Important for people trying to decide between cats and monos to read this excellent report. Dr Don Gilchrist 7
AUD $5.00
Our Fascinating Weather

Dir Ross gets right into the SA-based weather business in a report that extends from the Great Barrier Reef to the Antarctic - but making the point very well that weather plays a huge role in our lives. Note this includes a fabulous "Sky Chart' Di Ross & John Batty 7
AUD $5.00
Pressed Tinnies Vs Plate Boats

Is One Better Than The Other? Neil Dunstan 6
AUD $5.00
Seafarer Back On Line

Lindsay Fry's Seafarer Boats has been taken over by The Haines Group (the Haines family) and are undergoing a major re-launch from their Queensland factory. Peter Webster 5
AUD $5.00
Smartliner P&R

Interesting Chinese built, French designed fibreglass range of boats that had a false start in Australia but now have restarted with different management (Nov, 2012). Peter Webster 7
AUD $5.00
Solar Power Practical Tips

How much power they generate and what is and isn't practical? Peter Webster & Ruth Cunningham 6
AUD $5.00
Stingers - Irukandji Educational Report

Important info about stingers you need to know. We urge all northern fisherman & boatowners to read this report very carefully as it could save your life. David Hopley 6
AUD $5.00
The Chazan Family's Nth Qld Adventures

In 1998 the Chazan family had a fishing holiday in north Queensland that would later change their lives. Sonia & Simon Chazan 6
AUD $5.00
The Hookham Cat Principle (& History)

Interesting look at the background story and evolution of the ubiquitous little powered cats, the Markham Whalers, the Ranger cruisers, and more recently, the Dominator cat range. Mark Hookham 10
AUD $5.00
The Marine Auction System

You know times are tough when the auction system achieves prominence and Adrian Seiffert’s Marine Auctions have led the way with many successful transactions on record. Peter Webster 10
AUD $5.00
Toilets & Legislation - 2005

Summarizing the choices in plain english. Peter Webster & Ruth Cunningham 4
AUD $5.00
Tony Mallis' & The Blonde Kid

We hear a lot about 'family boating' and we all know it is a very Good Thing - but Tony Mallis is actually living the dream - a dream that started when he was a kid . . . and now he has his own, little blonde kid(s). Tony Mallis 6
AUD $5.00
Whales & Family

Rebecca Lawrence spends a very special day off the Gold Coast with her family in their Haines 773 checking out the whales making their way north to the Whitsundays. Rebecca Lawrence 4
AUD $5.00
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