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Beam me up, Scotty . This is where wed all rather be . . . cruising around the far-flung Australian coastline, exploring some of the most beautiful fish rich waters off the Australian coastline. Between 1996-2007, Peter Webster and Ruth Cunningham trailered boats to many northern destinations in (progressively) Take Two (Haines Signature 702 Walkaround) Genesis (7.2 JBS outboard cruiser, Dusty Rover (7.6m Cairns Custom Craft/Yanmar diesel) and Far-Away (Salty 27 Honda 150s). Join them as they worked their way up the coast and visited places from Rainbow Beach (off Fraser Island) to Cooktown in Far North Queensland.


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Title Description Author Pages  
Across The Top Pt 2 of 3

A journey across the top by sea - Darwin to Broome Louise Yeoman 9
AUD $5.00
Across The Top Pt 1 of 3

A journey of a family going across the top by sea to the Kimberleys. Louise Yeoman 9
AUD $5.00
Back Over The Top - Pt 3 of 3

A journey across the top by sea. Broome to the Kimberleys. Louise Yeoman 10
AUD $5.00
Cairns to Cooktown via Hope Islands - Pt 1

Dusty Rover leaves Yorkey's Knob and Peter and Ruth head north to Cooktown via the Hope Islands. Peter Webster Ruth Cunningham 9
AUD $5.00
Cairns to Cooktown via Hope Islands - Pt 2

Peter & Ruth continue their journey to Cooktown from Cairns via the Hope Islands. Peter Webster & Ruth Cunningham 10
AUD $5.00
Cardwell to Cairns

Peter & Ruth cruise Dusty Rover from Cardwell at Hinchinbrook through to Cairns and on to Yorkeys Knob. Peter Webster & Ruth Cunningham 6
AUD $5.00
Deluge Inlet - Hinchinbrook

Despite poor weather Peter & Ruth explore Deluge Inlet - a part of the beautiful Hinchinbook Wilderness in "Dusty Rover" and the dory. Peter Webster & Ruth Cunningham 7
AUD $5.00
Far-Away Shakedown

Far-Away takes it's Shakedown cruise. A detailed article about F&B's trip to FNQ aboard & on the road with the Salty 27. Peter Webster 17
AUD $5.00
Hinchinbrook Island. Exploring & Fishing

What will entice families to drive miles and miles to visit Cardwell & Lucinda? The best small boat fishing, boating and camping that the writer's ever seen - that's what! Peter Webster & Ruth Cunningham 16
AUD $5.00
Hinchinbrook Our 2001 Visit (Sojourn From)

Dusty Rover's "shakedown" cruise. We spend 9 days cruising Hinchinbrook's creeks, rivers and the Great Barrier Reef. Peter Webster & Ruth Cunningham 9
AUD $5.00
Hinchinbrook, Zoe Bay, Palm Islands, Seymour

Peter & Ruth explore the Southern Hinchinbrook Passage as well as Zoe Bay the Palm Islands and the lower sections of Seymour River Peter Webster & Ruth Cunningham 12
AUD $5.00
Kimberley Dreaming 1/3

Part 1/3. 3 Families, 3 Trailerboats adventure through one of the most remote & rugged places on Earth - Wyndham to Broome WA Clint Earnshaw 10
AUD $5.00
Kimberley Dreaming 2/3

Part 2/3. The adventure continues. Clint Earnshaw 14
AUD $5.00
Kimberley Dreaming 3/3

Part 3/3. Ocean Roads. The adventure must come to an end. Includes technical information. Clint Earnshaw 12
AUD $5.00
Kimberley Kapers Part 1

Bob & Colleen take their trimaran "Moonglow" across the top end of Western Australia, fishing some of the most remote wilderness regions in the world. Bob Ford 6
AUD $5.00
Kimberley Kapers Part 2

Bob & Colleen take their trimaran "Moonglow" across the top end of Western Australia, fishing some of the most remote wilderness regions in the world. Bob Ford 5
AUD $5.00
Life Aboard a Small Cruiser - Part 1.

Boat Covers. Staying on board for 1 day or a week - it's all the same when it comes to dealing with Mother Nature - be it rain, tropical heat, the sun or providing shade. Tips on how to stay comfortable. Peter Webster 7
AUD $5.00
Papua New Guinea to Cooktown

4 people, 9 days, 900 nautical miles - all in a 6.5 m Joshua An F&B subscriber's journey. David Howard 5
AUD $5.00
Townsville to Port Hinchinbrook

After trucking Dusty Rover to Townsville Marina we launch. Our first sea run in Dusty Rover - from Townsville up to Port Hinchinbrook via Magnetic and the Palms. Dusty handles the big seas across "the paddock" but we run aground at Lucinda. Peter Webster & Ruth Cunningham 8
AUD $5.00
Whitsunday Dreaming

After a lot of bad weather and illness, Peter Webster & Ruth Cunningham go back to the Whitsundays, second only to the Kimberley Coast in Aussies' ideal of "the most desirable place to visit". Peter Webster & Ruth Cunningham 18
AUD $5.00
Yorkey's Knob - FNQ

Yorkey's Knob Marina in FNQ (just north of Cairns) epitomises the Tropical Image of FNQ. This little town can be better than Cairns when it comes to boating lifestyle. Peter Webster & Ruth Cunningham 8
AUD $5.00
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