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In this section of the Library, we have filed the detailed final reports about all the Project Boats purchased and operated by the F&B/Boat Mag team since the early 1990s. Over the years, we have purchased a wide variety of craft, fitted them out, and gone “bush” with them, or at the very least, worked them for hundreds of hours in around the Gold Coast.
These reports study what happened with the boats, how they handled the tasks required of them by the F&B / Boat Mag) team, and how they stood up to the pressure of being used in the field. Finally, each project boat is summarised in an in-depth test report format.


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Title Description Author Pages  
3 m Horizon Rooftopper

This boat was built to be as small and light as possible as we needed to carry it on our 7m pltaey "Genesis" as well as roofracks. It was quite stable for its size and we fished many creeks sucessfully. Peter Webster 4
AUD $5.00
3.4 Bluefin Dory

We set out to build a small fishing dinghy. Note the beaut list of practical details to check. Tips about towing eyes, attention to bungs, electric motor plate. Good boat but too heavy for roof racks. Peter Webster 3
AUD $5.00
3.4 Horizon & Honda 20 hp

Peter and Ruth test the Honda 20 hp 4 stroke on their 3.4 Horizon dinghy. Peter Webster 5
AUD $5.00
3.4 Horizon HD Sportsfisherman

We built this boat with Horizon Boats incorporationg many improvements from our earlier dinghies. It was fitted out very well and we ran it mostly with a Mercury 15 2 stroke. Best par was its higher (drier) freeboard. Peter Webster 7
AUD $5.00
3.4 Stessl Edge Tracker "Vagabond"

We modify our 3.4 Stessl Edge Tracker dinghy by adding foam, live bait tank, Minn Kota electric, sounder, etc.We ran this boat with both a Honda 15 and a Mercury 15hp for a couple of years in 2000. Peter Webster 6
AUD $5.00
4.3 Horizon with Honda 50

Horizon 4.3 m vee nose with Honda 50 hp 4 stroke engine. Fishing the Fortescue. Damen Olsen 5
AUD $5.00
4.35 Allycraft Kakadu Karrier - with 40 hp Yam

A small all round boat built for use on the local esturaries and fun with the kids. We fitted it with a Yamaha 40hp four stroke and a custom dodger for family camping trips to Stradbroke island. Peter Webster 5
AUD $5.00
4.4 Horizon "Beachie"

F&B Project Boat - a small, all purpose fishing boat, specifically designed to be launched from the beach Peter Webster 9
AUD $5.00
4.75 Curran Plate Alloy Kit Boat - Part 1

Build yourself a Plate Alloy Kit Boat? (Part 1) F&B built one from start to finish. Peter Webster 10
AUD $5.00
4.75 Curran Plate Alloy Kit Boat - Part 2

F&B build a kit alloy boat. (Part 2) Welding then fitting out. Fitted with a 70hp Yamaha 2-stroke it perfomed very. Ruth even took her relo's wakeboarding. Peter Webster 9
AUD $5.00
475 Trailcraft Profish Special Report

Special Report by Peter Webster, Darren Shiel, Aaron Concord & Scott Shepherd Peter Webster + 3 9
AUD $5.00
475 Trailcraft Profish with EFI Yamaha 60 hp

More to this engine than just it's quietness on the transom - it's virtually vibration free, has no smoke & equipped with traditional 4 stroke sump, not using outboard oil. Peter Webster 9
AUD $5.00
490 Horizon Family Cuddy Cabin

This is a great little family set up - compared to buying 2nd hand!We upgrade the base concept with 4 stroke, trailer & electronics upgrade all for a price tag of around $28k. Peter Webster 6
AUD $5.00
5.5 Stessl Trihull "Tripples"

Half cabin fishing boat with a roomy cabin yet still had a good fishing cockpit. We ran it from 1997 -1999. We had a particularly nice trip to Dingo Beach.It was fitted with a Suzuki 140hp 2-stroke on a tandem Mackay trailer. Peter Webster 8
AUD $5.00
5.7 Cairns Custom Craft Cat

A beaut stable centre console cat fitted with twin Evinrude 2-stroke 70hp outboards. F&B ran this vessel early 1998 to Sept 1999 as our camera boat. It weighed only 1.54 on its aluminium trailer. Peter Webster & Ruth Cunningham 10
AUD $5.00
5.8 JBS Walkaround

"Anyway" was one of the best all round boats we have ever owned. We built it from scartch with JBS and fitted it out ourselves. We ran it 1999 - Sept 2001. It was fitted with a Honda 4-stroke 130hp and we used a tandem Mackay trailer. Peter Webster 7
AUD $5.00
6.00 Platey ADM/Kemp Runaway (KIt Boat)

In 2001 we engaged ADM to build this Kemp kit boat . We organised the fit out ouselves. A very well presented boat for a reasonable price.Fitted with Yamaha 115hp 4-stroke and Oceanic trailer. Sold 2002. Peter Webster & Ruth Cunningham 9
AUD $5.00
6.8 Cairns Custom Craft Cat "Whimaway"

Bought bare metal hull only in 2003. We supervised paint and fit out ourselves. Used mainly as our camera boat but beautifully fitted out for sportfishing.Sweet twin Suzuki 140 4-stroke outboards and a tandem alloy trailer. Sold June 2007. Peter Webster & Ruth Cunningham 9
AUD $5.00
630F Haines Signature

After months of waiting for this very popular boat we finally can start adding the covers, trailer, etc. Features the Honda 225 V-Tec V-6 outboard. Peter Webster 7
AUD $5.00
670 Quintrex Diesel

One of the most controversial of the consumer report series, this is the final wrap of F&Bs Quintrex Diesel Project boat. Peter Webster 11
AUD $5.00
7.2 Haines Signature "Take Two"

Haines Signature 702 Walkaround powered with twin Honda 90s.We spent many, many hours photographing from this boat. 1996 - 1997. Trailed it GC to Rainbow Beach,1770 and Yeppoon where we enjoyed camping,fishing and exploring. Peter Webster & Ruth Cunningham 16
AUD $5.00
7.3 JBS Platey "Genesis"

Bought bare alloy hull from JBS, and we organised the slow fit out. Fitted twin Honda 90s all on a Tinka tandem trailer. Trailered Gold Coast to Hinchinbrook where we fell in love with the area. (1998-1999.) Peter Webster & Ruth Cunningham 14
AUD $5.00
7300 Ocean Cylinder

We built this boat in Brisbane with Queensland Ships. This 7.3 Cylinder boat had a very deep V but the cylinders made it very stable. We used as camera boat from 2000 unti June 2001. Peter Webster 6
AUD $5.00
8.00 Cairns Custom Craft Mono "Dusty Rover"

Hull and Yanmar installation were done in Cains. Trucked back to Gold Coast 2001 for extensive fit out. Trailered this to and from Gold Coast/Cardwell many times. Also cruised Townsville to Hinchinbrook and onto Cooktown. Lived on board for weeks. Peter Webster & Ruth Cunningham 8
AUD $5.00
F&B's Project Boat Program

Peter Webster's overview of the F&B Project boats, why and how, etc. Peter Webster 7
AUD $5.00
Quintrex 670 Offshore

3 years later, we now look back and consider the advantages and disadvantages of the Quintrex 670 Offshore experiment. Peter Webster 11
AUD $5.00
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