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Australian Boating (AB) Current Issue (12 p.a).

The January edition (#277) of Australian Boating (AB) magazine is the first (and LAST) issue of the now cancelled bi-monthly series of magazines running side-by-side with AB's Fisherman & Boatowner (F&B), which was also bi-monthly. However this "bi-monthly" program program has now been suspended due to the impact of the drought, bushfires (etc). AB is going back to a regular monthly production incorporating a major F&B section permanently, beginning with the AB March issue.
In effect, this will reduce the production workload to just one major magazine a month, and under the economic (read "bushfire") circumstances of the day, we can now sustain this production level with the one, big, all-embracing monthly AB right through 2020.
That said, we are nonetheless deeply aware the boating industry is struggling on many levels, and we expect 2020 to be quite hard-going in the boating world, especially as Australia's boat manufacturing capacity is nothing like what it used to be, and there are no real signs of growth in the immediate future.
So this magazine unashamedly concentrates on what has been an extremely busy summer of sailing competitions around the country, and although many of them have struggled to cope with the post-bushfire conditions where the smoky atmosphere created all sorts of new (respiratory and vision problems!) even for the sailors competing in our big, open bays along the eastern seaboard!
So for all the youngsters (and oldsters!) competing in dinghies and yachts around Australia over the Xmas-New Year period, this magazine is quite special and has extensive coverage of a wide-ranging list of off-the-beach competitions plus the big events such as the Rolex Sydney Hobart, etc.
The powerboat world hasn't been forgotten, especially as the Riviera organisation is launching a powerful new presence in America at the Miami Boat Show (next month) with no less than seven models taken across for display, including four that have never been seen in the United States before.
Similarly we have a special review of the very appealing Beneteau Swift 41 Trawler Yacht, which is one of those magic cruisers that ticks all the right boxes in terms of size, performance, capability and comfort.
This January-February issue of AB also has a very strong video section, bringing readers up-to-date on the 2020 SAILGP and the latest America's Cup news.

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Current Issue: AB Vol 4 #277 Jan-Feb 2020 read-on-screen PDF magazine

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