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Australian Boating Current Issue

There are lots of big changes coming to Australian Boating, with the most obvious being the launch of AB’s Fisherman & Boatowner magazine as a full monthly digital production. The first issue will start in May, and it will then run alongside its sister magazine, Australian Boating, every month.
There are many reasons for the change, but overwhelmingly it's all about focusing the editorial more accurately. Fishermen aren't really interested in sailing, and sailors aren't too interested in fishing – and like oil and water, they might be two liquids, but they just don't mix!
Yes, we got it wrong – we were hoping that one big magazine would provide the economic solution to the dilemma of producing high-quality editorial in an industry that has been doing it hard. Well, although times haven't changed too much, what has happened is that the industry has now developed survival and marketing strategies that are starting to work, and are putting a more positive spin on the future. And they wanted us to do a lot better job of targeting boating consumers.
So now we are doing just that. From now onwards, Australian Boating will concentrate on larger craft that are berthed or moored, in both power and sail, with an over-arching emphasis on technology, boat design and engineering, with a special focus on all the imports pouring into Australia at the moment for the forthcoming 2019 Boat Show season.
On the other side of the editorial table, AB’s Fisherman & Boatowner will totally concentrate on small craft (tinnies, yaks, DIY) and trailerboats in both aluminium and fibreglass up to 7.4m long - which is, for all practical purposes, the usual maximum length you can trail without getting into small trucks. But the focus of the magazine will be on 3.4-6.4m trailer boats, with fishing, camping, diving and enjoying the water with your family and friends, close behind. It will follow the formula we established so successfully between 1993 – 2011 when, for nearly 20 years, "F&B” (as it was short-called) was Australia's leading fishing and boating magazine.
Like Australian Boating, it will be a full digital PDF production. Once it's downloaded, you won't need the Internet – so it can be read down on the long paddock, out at sea in your boat, or be taken overseas and read on your iPad anywhere in the world.
But hold the ‘phone - this month’s AB is still a terrific issue! The 24 page multihull supplement is enough to have you buying lottery tickets all over again – and you won't want to miss the report on the exciting new Focus 33 sports cruiser, either. Or Victron's technical guru, John Rushforth’s outstanding analysis of why the new lithium batteries are so worth buying.
And last but certainly not least, we have this wonderful article on how you can swap your boat with a fellow boatie on the other side of the world – it's a mind-boggling prospect, and the whole story

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