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Australian Boating Current Issue

Describing Australian Boating August issue is difficult, as this is the biggest and most diverse magazine we have produced for decades. With major sections for sailing, powerboating and fishing, there is truly something for all boating enthusiasts, and not just in a small way – in this 150 page magazine, is more accurate to think in terms of having three separate magazines in one. This is precisely what editor Peter Webster has been striving to achieve for several years, in the wake of the GFC and the tough times that followed, making the creation of niche or special-interest magazines an economic nightmare. In PW’s view, the logical alternative was to create one big magazine, covering all the disparate interests of the boating community.

In this August issue there is a swag of terrific reports, including digital previews on the Odyssey 440 (the award-winning yacht that has been so successful in Europe this year) and the Merry Fisher 1095 that introduces the concept of using big outboards to power quite big cruisers. Continuing in the sailing vein, we also study the amazing Figaro 3 One Design racing yacht, catch up on the Golden Globe Race (and all the problems they're having with their self steering gear) and get a wrap on the Australian School Sailing Championships in Blairgowrie, Vic.

In the trailerboat corner, we have not one, but two boat tests by PW, including a new look at the Voyager 625, Australia’s most popular powercat, in the popular "Queensland" configuration, before we move on to the stunning Antares 7.0, a genuine trailerboat week-ender, and without a doubt the most comprehensively fitted cruising trailerboat we’ve ever tested - and exceptional value for money. Two totally different boats, but both at the top of the game, in their respective fields.

In the trailerboat fishing section, Starlo has been working hard, with a surprising feature article endorsing live bait over and above the artificials – which, coming from Steve, is more than a little reassuring, especially for the family "weekend warriors" who still love pumping nippers with the kids… Starlo has also written a very special and quite emotional column thinking back on the early days of Darling Harbour – it’s a very good read. Brooke Frecklington completes the runabout rebuild, brushes off the itchy dust, sells the now as-new boat on the spot, and starts work straightaway on Reno #2! There is no stopping this girl, as she is working her butt off to renovate and build this new project up to become a first rate estuary fishing platform. As she and husband Denis have shown, they certainly have the skill-set and determination to do it. Go Brooke!

August AB also has the latest program from the superb World Sailing Show to enjoy, as they round-up all the top sailing action around the planet. Plus we have details on the new Colorado Extreme 4WD, the powerful AWD Mazda CX-8 diesel, Di Pearson's AB Sailing, and PW pre

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