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Welcome to Australian Boating (AB) . .

After Australia's firey start to the new decade,
we've made many changes to our publishing
program, including the decision to stop publishing
AB's Fisherman & Boatowner (F&B) as a standalone
magazine. However, it will be continuing as
a major, permanent section of Australian Boating.
AB itself will be bigger, more diverse with several
new sections, and some others toned right down.
From March 2020, the Fisherman & Boatowner
section begins, along with all your favourite F&B
sections (Trailers & Towing, Neil Dunstan's 'Ebb &
Flow", plus boat and tackle reviews, camping and
fishing, etc).
AB will continue to cover the ever-changing
world of marine technology - with a special focus
on foiling sailing craft and multihulls, and the
electric and/ or hybrid power systems emerging.
Now back to a full monthly production in 2020,
after a brief stint as a bi-monthly, commencing with
March #278, Australia Boating (AB) has resumed
its path forward as a big, all-embracing, power and
sail (national) boating magazine.

SIX (months’) FREE Subscription
‘Discover Australian Boating’

It’s easy. All we need is your name and email
address, and a bit of an idea about what you do
(or would do) in a boat. This is purely for the
editorial team’s guidance.
Please note this offer is restricted to bona fide
new readers enjoying Australian Boating (AB) for
the first time in the modern era i.e., post 2012
(GFC) period.

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AB #282 . . we’re now back to our normal monthly production, despite the best efforts of the !@#$%^|} Corona virus to make things as difficult as possible !
With the restrictions from the Corona virus ‘lock-downs’ and social distancing slowly being relaxed in some parts of Australia, we hold our breath and pray for our Victorian bretheren as their COVID-19 dramas continue.
Despite the weird/shocking/worrying lack of sporting events around the world, we've still managed to assemble a very interesting magazine, although we remind our yachting enthusiasts that just about every sailing
competition on the planet has been cancelled, so we have far less performance yachting content than normal, NO international content this month - but we will be back with an update on global activities (The Ocean Race, Vendee, SAILGP, America’s Cup, etc) next month in August issue. Now, back to features in AB July - they include
● July issue kicks off with a tribute to Lia Ditton, the remarkable 40-year-old British woman who is currently rowing – yes, rowing, across the Pacific from USA to Hawaii. As you do!
● As promised, the iconic magazine section "The Cruising Skipper" returns to AB, with the second of a unique new series of coastal and ocean cruising articles readers are already enjoying. This time we re-vitalise our original cruise into Cooktown in FNQ, easily one of Australia’s foremost fishing and cruising destinations, bar none.
Fisherman & Boatowner readers have a lot to enjoy in AB July, as we publish all the need-to-know details of the new Raymarine Axiom electronics.
● We’re not short on boat tests and reviews either, covering everything from the just launched Lagoon Sixty 5, the dynamic Maritimo M55, to Trevor Stow’s sweet 448 Sea Jay side console/Honda 50 combo.
● You’ll want to check our monthly Charter World section which has another great feature from the Cumberland Charter Yachts team up there in the Whitsundays . . specifically, about their Lagoon 40 power cat family cruiser - love their work!
● Enjoy! We might be running through the colder months, but for many, this is the best, most stable time of the year to go boating - and it really does help the tourism and boating industries recover.
● Stay Safe, please, and wear a mask when amongst non-family crowds.

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