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Welcome to Australian Boating (AB) . .

After Australia's firey start to the new decade,
we've made many changes to our publishing
program, including the decision to stop publishing
AB's Fisherman & Boatowner (F&B) as a standalone
magazine. However, it will be continuing as
a major, permanent section of Australian Boating.
AB itself will be bigger, more diverse with several
new sections, and some others toned right down.
From March 2020, the Fisherman & Boatowner
section begins, along with all your favourite F&B
sections (Trailers & Towing, Neil Dunstan's 'Ebb &
Flow", plus boat and tackle reviews, camping and
fishing, etc).
AB will continue to cover the ever-changing
world of marine technology - with a special focus
on foiling sailing craft and multihulls, and the
electric and/ or hybrid power systems emerging.
Now back to a full monthly production in 2020,
after a brief stint as a bi-monthly, commencing with
March #278, Australia Boating (AB) has resumed
its path forward as a big, all-embracing, power and
sail (national) boating magazine.

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Please note this offer is restricted to bona fide
new readers enjoying Australian Boating (AB) for
the first time in the modern era i.e., post 2012
(GFC) period.

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There’s no gainsaying it, our first issue for 2021 is a very special tribute issue to the longest, toughest yacht race in the world: the 2020-21 Vendee Globe race around the planet for a very special single-handed ocean racing class (the fabulous IMOCA 60s). These powerful yachts now commonly feature fully adjustable foils and can "fly" at speeds well excess of the prevailing wind across the ocean. Amazingly, these big craft can easily average 24-25 knots, while speeds in excess of 30 kn are quite common.
Given that most world sailing was suspended in 2020 because of the pandemic, the organisers of the Vendee Globe were able to sustain their program with 35 yachts racing the 22,000+ nautical miles around the world because they were certainly "self-isolating" insofar as mixing it with the public is concerned. It's been a fabulous race too, and is due to end progressively through the first week of February 2021, having started on November 10, 2020.
However, the leading peloton of yachts (and the race to the finish line is proving to be so close, half a dozen competitors could make it onto the podium back in France) by the end of January. Truly, the end game is anyone’s guess in late January.
As these yachts are amongst the fastest, most technically advanced racing craft in the world, skippered by many of the world’s best sailors, we’ve given this event priority this month – as it will be another four years before see the next edition of the Vendee Globe taking place.
Another ‘once every four years’ event is taking place in New Zealand this month, as the America's Cup kicks off in Auckland Harbour.
Hugely significant in terms of international sport, racing incredibly fast foiling 75’ mono hulls, Italy, Great Britain and America are challenging for the right to play off in the final against the Cup holders, New Zealand. With each camp spending more than Aus $100 million dollars on their campaign to win back this infamous Cup, the eyes of the sailing world – and Australian Boating magazine are firmly focused on the exciting activities expected in New Zealand over the next few weeks.
Our coverage has been boosted by our involvement with the highly professional TV production team from Planet Sail, who are led by Matthew Sheahan, one of the most respected yachting editors from the UK. Their ‘no bs’ coverage is expert, balanced and interesting – even for people not familiar with this level and style of yacht racing.
Actually, our involvement with multiple video productions continues to increase – with several HOURS of broadcast quality TV to enjoy in this month’s edition.
Of particular note, make sure you check out the videos covering the release of the superb 39’ Greenline Hybrid cruiser from Slovenia (a real game changer) the new 2021 release of the all-American Jeep Grand Cherokee, Volvo Penta’s new “Assisted Docking” system and the afore mentioned Planet Sail coverage of the America’s Cup prelude and trials.
We have several features concerning the developing world of marine electric power systems in various boats, plus Jeff Webster's test of the 485 Savage Bay Cruiser, a careful look at the Blue Fin 4.5 Barracuda, and Alf Stessl releases his new, tough as nails, open tiller steered SEA-TREX
5.2m Seamaster complete with fish scales . . no, belay that. YOU have to provide the fish scales !
It’s a great issue – and for another month, the subscription rate of $69 will continue unchanged – but there’s no doubt it will increase in the very near future.

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