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Welcome to Australian Boating (AB) . .

After Australia's firey start to the new decade,
we've made many changes to our publishing
program, including the decision to stop publishing
AB's Fisherman & Boatowner (F&B) as a standalone
magazine. However, it will be continuing as
a major, permanent section of Australian Boating.
AB itself will be bigger, more diverse with several
new sections, and some others toned right down.
From March 2020, the Fisherman & Boatowner
section begins, along with all your favourite F&B
sections (Trailers & Towing, Neil Dunstan's 'Ebb &
Flow", plus boat and tackle reviews, camping and
fishing, etc).
AB will continue to cover the ever-changing
world of marine technology - with a special focus
on foiling sailing craft and multihulls, and the
electric and/ or hybrid power systems emerging.
Now back to a full monthly production in 2020,
after a brief stint as a bi-monthly, commencing with
March #278, Australia Boating (AB) has resumed
its path forward as a big, all-embracing, power and
sail (national) boating magazine.

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(GFC) period.

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AB #285 . . . With the border restrictions finally starting to ease, boating families are allowing themselves to think about plans for Christmas and the summer holidays, still wary of making the financial commitments that are usually necessary surrounding holiday arrangements. Obviously, such news is welcome, even if it is still tinged with concern that the pandemic isn't really behind us yet, and a vaccine is still months, if not years away.

Nevertheless, in this (late, again!) October issue of Australian Boating, we can see how some major international events are continuing, with the Vendee Globe - the giant, 22,000 nm solo yacht race around the world, the best example, as the 30 yachts will be leaving France for this mammoth event in early November, as planned. This event, coming as it does in the middle of a dearth of international racing, is receiving enormous publicity around the world, and with good reason. With the best ocean racing IMOCA class yachts, the best men and women skippers, it's one hell event we will be following closely in the months ahead.

Back on the home front, we are looking to welcome the beginning of the summer fishing season. We’re kicking off with a cracker two-part series on the best techniques to use fishing for the fierce, flighty (and very beautiful) sailfish in tag and release set-ups in many different parts of Australia, from Broome, WA to the Coral Coast, Qld and south down the East Coast to the Victorian border.

Fishing guru, teacher and tackle expert Ryan Moody has a feature in AB October explaining to fishos how they can increase their capture ratio if they spend more time studying the water at their feet than practising Olympic-level casting out into the midstream… An obvious point perhaps, but one we all need to focus on much more than we do.

There’s lots of boats in AB October, headed for most readers by the venerable Haines Signature 543F - an exceptional trailer boat that was actually designed and built back in the late 1990s. But as we've explained in several different test reports we’ve published over the years, it's so damn good it's very hard not to see this boat still in production in another 10 years time! How remarkable is that?

At the other end of the scale, the big new Jeanneau 60 has the cruising and charter world built into its DNA, as the French have truly mastered the art of modular design layout, so potential owners have a simply amazing choice of layout options. However, it's the cruising version with a ‘soft’ hardtop (no, that's not a mistake – see pictures!) that is destined to keep this Jeanneau 60 in production for years to come.

October AB has heaps of other editorial subjects in its 120 pages – in fact, we were quite surprised how much material came through in the closing week of production, causing all sorts of headaches as we juggled the production and increased the page content – but it's resulted in one of the most interesting magazines we’ve produced recently, literally jam-packed with an exceptional array of powerboat, sailing and fishing material that really helps put the pandemic back in its box!

We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we did producing it.

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