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Welcome to Australian Boating (AB) . .

After Australia's firey start to the new decade,
we've made many changes to our publishing
program, including the decision to stop publishing
AB's Fisherman & Boatowner (F&B) as a standalone
magazine. However, it will be continuing as
a major, permanent section of Australian Boating.
AB itself will be bigger, more diverse with several
new sections, and some others toned right down.
From March 2020, the Fisherman & Boatowner
section begins, along with all your favourite F&B
sections (Trailers & Towing, Neil Dunstan's 'Ebb &
Flow", plus boat and tackle reviews, camping and
fishing, etc).
AB will continue to cover the ever-changing
world of marine technology - with a special focus
on foiling sailing craft and multihulls, and the
electric and/ or hybrid power systems emerging.
Now back to a full monthly production in 2020,
after a brief stint as a bi-monthly, commencing with
March #278, Australia Boating (AB) has resumed
its path forward as a big, all-embracing, power and
sail (national) boating magazine.

SIX (months’) FREE Subscription
‘Discover Australian Boating’

It’s easy. All we need is your name and email
address, and a bit of an idea about what you do
(or would do) in a boat. This is purely for the
editorial team’s guidance.
Please note this offer is restricted to bona fide
new readers enjoying Australian Boating (AB) for
the first time in the modern era i.e., post 2012
(GFC) period.

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The March issue, #278, is the first of the new series of amalgamated magazines where Australian Boating magazine includes a major new section called Fisherman & Boatowner- specifically produced every month (now) to replace what was a separate magazine. However, tough economic times came to a head over the 2019 Christmas - New Year period, and in the aftermath of the disastrous bushfire season, the decision was made to cease publication of the bi-monthly Fishermen & Boatowner magazine as a stand-alone magazine. Instead, we decided to incorporate it as a major MONTHLY section of Australian Boating.

In practice, within a month or two, we will be producing more material for F&B readers than ever before, because Australian Boating is a monthly publication, and it will be even more closely aligned to industry developments because of its faster turnaround. So whilst we were initially unhappy about stopping F&B in its own right, under the economic circumstances (and the way things are heading with the corona virus) we were increasingly comfortable that we'd made the right decision for our readers, to re-jig our production schedules in this way.
There are other changes underway for Australian Boating, especially as F&B is now back in the fold (literally!). Its very existence will push out the less significant club sailing and racing, as we are forced to re-examine the editorial line-up. The end result will be a tighter, more interesting "feet on ground" approach to editorial, and that includes clamping down on publicity for boats in the million dollar plus league in both power and sail.

On the leaderboard in March issue, is the final results of the spectacular SAILGP running on Sydney Harbour with seven teams competing for million-dollar purse. The Aussies (led by Tom Slingsby), winners of last year’s inaugural SAILGP in the superfast, foiling F50s, were the odds-on bookies’ favourite – but nobody saw the Brits coming, and were foolishly dismissive of their chances. In a race series reminiscent of a classic Ashes Test bout, the Brits, led by Sir Ben Ainslie, demolished the competition and walked right through the fleet to win the first round in dramatic fashion. Much as we all hated to admit it – it was a masterclass of international level yacht racing in the fastest racing yachts in the world.

Another major feature – and certainly unusual – is a stunning 18 page analysis of what Australia needs to do to prevent another catastrophic bushfire season like the one we've just endured. This acclaimed supplement is a must-read addition to a very interesting magazine line-up.

Other big features include the fascinating story of Yoshi, the loggerhead turtle beloved by millions of people, who has just completed the swim (!!) From South Africa to Nor’ West Australia - you've gotta read this to believe it! As well, Neil Dunstan has produced a comprehensive analysis about fishing the islands off Central Queensland which is pure gold, whilst PW reboots one of the all-time classic boat reports – comparing a single engine Cruise Craft 685 Explorer to a twin engined 685 Explorer with hard data on the difference between the engines’ performance, economy and value for money.

This is a very interesting magazine, and worth every cent of the ongoing $69 rate for 12 terrific issues – but keep an eye out if you have never seen Australian Boating before, and you've been wondering about how digital magazines work.

We've got an introductory offer coming specifically designed to let new readers ‘touch, feel and read’ today’s very satisfying digital magazines like this one. It literally ‘opens the door’ to discovering a whole new world of Australian boating.

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