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  Our national, monthly PDF magazine dedicated to all kinds of recreational boats - fibreglass power and sailing boats, imported boats, plate aluminium fishing boats, pressed tinnies, composite fibreglass boats, DIY boats - if it floats, and gets you out there, we're interested!
Australian Boating
is an independent, national magazine with a great deal of experience, a passion for all kinds of boating, fishing and cruising - and we are dedicated to helping you have a great time on the water with your family and friends.

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I just loved looking at the content spread for this May AB issue #258, because it reflects the sort of diversity of interests that a national magazine of Australian Boating's calibre should be covering. It's incredible really, because we have feature articles on craft ranging from a very strange Aston Martin submersible (that’s got James Bond written all over it!) to an old 17th century replica of Dufyken, the little Dutch square rigger that has just had an engine overhaul and a couple of new John Deere diesels installed – before we flip over to look at an impressive Steber 52 enclosed flybridge sports cruiser that is bound for the beautiful Seychelles, right alongside a superb illustration of the exciting new "baby" Riviera – the 395 SUV. This is going to be specially featured at the Sanctuary Cove and Sydney Boat Shows, and we have to admit it deserves all the accolades that will undoubtedly earn.

We have to start talking in terms of "Aussie" this or "Australian made" more frequently now, as the industry is openly invaded by boat manufacturers from all over the world. Beneteau is now the biggest recreational boat builder on the planet, and they are already starting to become dominant in Australia – although you could argue their yachts have been dominant for some time already.

But they are now making serious inroads with not one, but several big range(s) of impressive fibreglass powerboats. We completed a 16 page review of the Four Winns performance day boats last month. This month we slow down a bit, and make a comprehensive study of the four very special Beneteau Swift trawlers. The Swift 30 and Swift 35 are of particular interest in Australia, as these two awesome family boats make mockery of often made statements of the local cruiser builders who no longer build anything much under 10-11m and $750K. Clearly, the French don't agree, and have started a very aggressive promotion to bring a whole series of boats to Australia, concentrating on the crucial 6.5m – 11.0m side of the market for family cruisers, sportsfishing boats, walkarounds and trawlers. It's hard to see how they can go wrong, as their boats are built to either EU or ABYC certification programs overseas, they’re beautifully finished - and designed by some for best naval architects in the world.

Another major feature in May concerns the release of NINE new FourStroke Mercury outboards, and following the release of half a dozen more earlier this year is a powerful statement about Mercury's determination to dominate the outboard world with a staggering array of very powerful outboard motors.

All the regular features are in the May AB, including a fantastic new piece from Neil Dunstan on fishing the shipping channels off the GBR for gi-normous nannygai and red emperor! We also have two more outstanding reports from Steve Starling, who is really getting into his stride now in AB.

It's a big issue, at 132 pages, and really great value at just $5.75 a copy – yes, that's all it is with Subscription manager Mary Webster's latest subs offer – a “Baker's Dozen” for $69 p.a., although you can still buy Six Issues for $39 if that helps the family budget.


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