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  Our national, monthly PDF magazine dedicated to all kinds of recreational boats - fibreglass power and sailing boats, imported boats, plate aluminium fishing boats, pressed tinnies, composite fibreglass boats, DIY boats - if it floats, and gets you out there, we're interested!
Australian Boating
is an independent, national magazine with a great deal of experience, a passion for all kinds of boating, fishing and cruising - and we are dedicated to helping you have a great time on the water with your family and friends.

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April issue of Australian Boating brings in Steve Starling’s second month with the AB team, where he is now writing a monthly column and a major feature article. This is an interesting month a for him too, as he touches on the relationship between the cricketing debacle and the growth of fishing competitions - and ponders the ethics of the latter, in view of what’s happened with the former – if you get our line of thinking! It's an interesting view of the role of fishing competitions in our world, and the sportsmanship involved.

Starlo’s main feature this month is on the fascinating advantages of bringing real finesse into our fishing strategies, techniques and tackle, as he explains why so many of us put the hours in the fishing, but do not necessarily reap the reward. This article goes a long way to explaining how we can lift our game.

Brooke Frecklington has been busy this month too, travelling down to Port Stephens to trial the Crossfire Five8 plate catamaran for the first time, and although the conditions were flat as the proverbial tack (‘glassed out’ actually) she still managed to get a very good report and video together to start the sea trials program for this interesting newcomer. And yes, we are already planning another round of tests for CrossfireFive8 #Two in a month or so here on the Gold Coast where we hope to get some serious spray on the Cat!

Whilst the conditions in Port Stephens were ‘flat as’, Brooke didn't waste any time – she did what a girl has to do, and went yellowtail king fishing off the kingfish cages located nor'east of the entrance to Port Stephens. This is where yellowtail kingfish are actually being farmed on a trial basis. You might recall one of the "cages" was breached during a recent storm, releasing about 20,000 kingies into the adjacent waters. Needless to say, the waters around the cages has created the local equivalent of fishing heaven – and not just for kingies, either. Brooke’s report, together with Denis's photos and drone photography of Broughton Island, is absolutely first class and a credit to them both.

Incidentally in the chandlery section, we have the full report on the latest Navionic charts being released on a state-by-state basis. Everybody with a GPS using Navionics chart needs to read this and consider upgrading their e-charts.

We also have a major consumer report by the AB team on the Four Winns day boats coming into Australia as part of a very determined push into the Oz market, which the Four Winns people have identified as being "open for business" given the downturn in Australian recreational boatbuilding. Four Winns have a huge range of beautifully finished boats from 18 footers through to big cruisers. We've taken a first look at the day boat range in this special April report, so if you are in the market for a first rate American sports runabout, you’ll want to read this report closely.

In all, a great 128 page issue, emphasising our renewed focus on trailerboat fishing, as we assemble the best team of writers in this field in Australia.


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